Thursday, 19 June 2014

Perspective Art

This is my artwork. Room 11's goal was to create a piece of artwork with water colours using perspective.I think I did well in achieving the goal because I tried to make things closer bigger and far away smaller eg closer = darker,  far away = lighter. I like how I tried using more than one shade of each colour. By Mollyanne!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hagley Park

(Originally written by Gordan Oglive) 

The Deans brothers arrived in Christchurch in 1842, they traveled up the Avon river  in a whaler until the shallow water forced them to row in a Maori canoe.Some people thought that  the Deans brothers made an agreement with William Fox that Hagley park would act as a buffer between their farm and new township.

In 1855 when the new provincial government took up the job of the Canterbury Association,a law was passed which made the land known as  Hagley Park shall be for all time known as a public park,and be open for the recreation and enjoyment of the public.

First Plantings
The first European plants/trees were grown by the Deans brothers. The  oldest remaining tree in Christchurch is a pear tree planted by the Deans in 1846 in Ricarton

Further Developments

In 1873 a Domain board was selected to take care of Hagley Park.Different attempts were made to collect money to run the park,including a nursery for plants for instance Olive,Tobacco,mulberry and Arrowroot and different medicinal plants.

The total width of Hagley Park and  Goverment Domain was recorded as 495 acres in 1895.Just above 9 acres had been given to Christ's collage in 1855 in exchange for land in the Cathedral Square.

Conclusion:Hagley  Park is important to Christchurch as it is our oldest park and people can use it to exercise,play sport,and enjoy their recreation time. BY MOLLYANNE!


Friday, 6 June 2014

100 word challenge

 100 Word Challenge!A crash came from the gateway of the lounge ,my heart leapt into a quick rhythmic beat as I heard an unfamiliar man's voice float out from the lounge."Great now you've done it Gru they're sure to wake up now ."

I was  quietly running  through the open lounge doors. Just not quietly enough...

Great, just great I thought.I'm stuck in a large sack in  a cold black truck.I collapsed into a crumpled heap closing my eyes wishing I was back at home.

I woke up in bed my friend Dog greated me .It must've all been a dream...

By Mollyanne! 
100 word challenge using the words:
cold,black,friend and gateway.