Friday, 26 September 2014

Narrative Writting!


Have you ever been tricked lured or ripped off by a real-eastate agent?Well George has read on to find out more...

''Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh,'' a bloodcurdling scream echoed around flat 3B number 13 Dead-meat Place. George looked down,his eyes pranced across the carpet and swept onto his big toe,a large blood-blister had appeared. He glared at the large box that had jumped out of his arms and plonked itself onto his big toe. He was sure that the box was evil.Even though George was a middle aged man he made a fuss about anything and everything.

George was sound asleep when a rustling sound awoke him. He switched on the lamp on the wooden bedside table when heard another rustling noise he jumped and sent the lampshade flying. The sudden brightness sent a beam of illuminating light toward the ragged rug. George swore he saw a set of bright beady eyes. He quickly flicked off his lamp and cowered underneath his comfy duvet. He had no idea that what he just saw was going to have a big impact on his future...

Two weeks passed and it happened again.George had been frightened out of his skin when he saw something squirm underneath the moth-eaten rug,he took a deep breath, grabbed a rickety antique chair and got ready to strike.His bloodshot eyes were fit to explode out of there sockets when he saw a blur of matted fur scurry past him. George leaped into the way of its trail,two red eyes stared up at him.George wasn't sure what was happening, a whirl of overwhelming power  had swept over  him...

It was a bright early Saturday morning when George awoke feeling ravenous. He strolled into the spacious kitchen ,swung open the wooden pantry door and searched for his daily Wheaty Bix.  A groan escaped from his pale pink lips just as he found his cupboard as bare as an Autumn tree.George had been left with no choice but to starve,or go to the local Supermarket.

A few minutes later  George was wandering in the direction he thought the shops were. Sure enough he came across a colossal yellow building with PACK n SPEND painted boldly in black. "I  see that you are new here? Questioned a bony lady with immaculate blond hair flowing down to her waist . George opened his mouth to reply when something very unexpected happened,George's  hand uncoiled from his pocket 'SMACK' George's jaw dropped into an O. He gasped and decided to appologise,it was to late George watched the gorgeous lady strut away heading the other direction.

George was browsing the 'Tinned food & cereal' section when a familiar over-dressed figure dressed in a frilly summer dress approached him. So are you enjoying the house? Inquired Julie the Real Eastate agent who had sold George the house. George felt a burst of anger come to him, it was all her fault he had been frightened out of his life. HER fault uncontrollable power had swept over him. HER fault he now lived in a gloomy house with a haunted rug! Yet she had the nerve to stroll casually up to him and ask how the life she had messed up was going!?  He was about to give her a piece of his mind when it felt as if invisible arms reached out and forced his mouth into a smile!
The invisible arms seemed to be forcing him into saying the opposite of what he intended to say:"The house is lovely Julie thank-you."he lied in a sugary voice,failing to resist the power. Julie grinned "I'm glad to hear that". She replied turning and marching away.

George felt a tingle along his bony spine, he gradually reached out his hand which was drenched in  sweat and 'SLAM'. His hand whacked a small lump rustling around underneath is coat. It scampered further down his spine then pounced out the opening of his coat. George gave a high-pitched squeal, those red eyes he had seen them before...

George twisted and turned "must avoid eyes". He muttered in his sleep. He felt something scuttle over his face and awoke in a sudden jolt. "Where am I, the rat the eyes"... He stuttered. George sat up on his springy mattress he was sure he saw a pair of beady red eyes...  

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Acrostic Poem!

Optimistic learners

Activating knowledge

Keeping on task

Loves to learn

Achieving C.A.R.E certificates

Never gives up

Demonstrating C.A.R.E values

Superb school


Friday, 5 September 2014


The Greedy Cat!

There was once a quite greedy cat who was really terribly fat,for
he ate all his food and then went and pooed,then fell asleep on his mat!