Friday, 29 May 2015

My Career Goal Veterinarian Physician- Paragraph


My career goal is to become a successful veterinarian physician because I love animals and would like to help save their lives, If you want to be a respected vet you need to respect people's feelings even if you completely disagree. But on the academic  side of things you need to take these studies: mathematics, chemistry biology  and physics then you might achieve your veterinarian degree you need in order to get the job. Once you have got your degree and you are suitable for the job you are likely to get the job since there is a wide range of animals needing more care across Christchurch/New Zealand.

By Mollyanne!

Prove It Reading


W.A.L.T: Make inferences.
My reading goal is to make inferences so I attended the reading breakout and we got a sheet that we had to fill in. In the first box we had to write what the inference that we make was. Then in the next box we wrote why the author got us to infer. Now that I went to the make inferences breakouts I think I understand them better.

My Goals


  • Become a Peer Mediator and P.A.L (done)
  • Get my merit excellence or distinction (not yet)
  • Get better at math (the math breakouts helped me) (done)

    • Monday, 25 May 2015

      Leadership Merit Evidence- Cross Country Kauri Team Events

      Cross Country-Participate in a Kauri Team Event 

      On the 5th of May I went to Haswell Domain along with most of the other kauri students to participate in the cross country.

      Once we were seated Mr Forman explained the route of the race and we walked the course so we were more familiar with it. After that we watched the year 4's 5's and 6's do their race and it was finally the year 7/8's race.

      Overall I think I did well by using my resilience strategies because I tried my best and didn't give up. I also fulfilled my goal which was to get below 14th (I got 9th). By Mollyanne.

      Wednesday, 13 May 2015

      Leadership Merit Evidence- Piano Lessons!


      On Tuesday the 13th of March I went to piano lessons I made sure I turned up on time by asking the teacher on duty what the time was. I had a good (although slightly complicated) lesson. As usual I recapped what we did last week and learnt something new. I think that my goal would be to bring my book every Tuesday because I don't always remember. Other than that I think that I am doing well with remembering to turn up on time. :)

      Leadership Merit evidence- Peer Mediation!


      Today I did peer mediation. The two other people in my group were doing "Kids Can Cook" at the start of morning tea so I found a friend that did peer mediation to help me. Luckily we had no problems that needed help from us, somebody had reported a problem to us but not everybody agreed that the problem needed help from us to solve it. Near the end of morning tea the others in my group finished "Kids Can Cook" but my friend and I couldn't see them and decided we were managing fine on our own. Next time my goal would be to be more organised as the ipad I grabbed didn't have the peer mediation form when I had assumed that they all had it on them.
       By Mollyanne!

      My Discovery

      My Discovery- Multistructural

      I think I am now multistructural at learning more about France because I can find out some information, words, special celabrations  

      Wednesday, 6 May 2015

      My Minion Poem


      Amazing yellow minions wear elasticy blue vests as stretchy as mozzarella cheese, those greedy minions scoff their mouths with millions of bananas a day. Their G logo symbolizing Gru glints evilly in the sunlight... That is why I love many munching minions.

      The language features that I used are: simile,hyperbole,and alliteration.
      I think that I am at the relational stage because I include several strategies in my poem and know when and why to use them. By Mollyanne.