Friday, 7 November 2014

My name is Mollyanne, I am ten years old in room 11 at  Oaklands School.

Oaklands School is a large school that educates year 0-8 students. There is about 580 students and 24 classrooms.

Our uniform for the girls is a green polar fleece/jersey made of polyester witch made of recycled milk bottles. Our red shirts are also made of polyester. Both our red shirt and green polar fleece has Oaklands School printed on the left hand side. The girls also wear a pair of green cullots  though track-pants are optional in the winter.

However the boy's uniform is a red shirt, a jersey or polar fleece along with green shorts or track-pants.
The shoes everybody wears is limited to either plain black shoes or sneakers.

Oaklands School has three play-grounds. You can visit them in morning-tea or lunch.
There are three courts one basketball courts and two netball courts. Next to the basketball court there is a music room witch holds most of the school's musical equipment. This would be an ideal meeting place for   Kakano or Karui  assemblies if the school hall was taken but too small for whole school assemblies.

I believe in 50 years time when I am 60 years old classrooms will be much more advanced eg; electronic touch screen white-boards,  robotic teachers, lots of technology and much more!          


Friday, 24 October 2014

THE MYSTERIOUS STATUE-100 word challenge


I twisted and turned but i couldn't get to sleep. Some time later I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I crept out of bed, grabbed my feathery, duck-down jacket and swung open the rickety wooden door.

In order to get over the fence I needed to reach the ladder...

I blindly stretched out my hand and felt a metal ladder rung fimly pressed against my palm.Soon enough i found myself at my destination; the other side of the fence

Some time later  blood-curdling scream echoed around the deserted park I was standing in.There, in front of me stood a shadowy cloaked figure camouflaged into the night's darkness.I rapidly tried to escape,not knowing that I would never see my cozy bed again... 

Friday, 17 October 2014

100 word challenge


Prompt:I couldn't believe the smell

I stumbled out of the car,gagging as I resisted letting my breakfast  come back up.I glanced up at the towering holiday home we were going to stay at ,I immediately  decided to explore.

I started in the garden,nothing suspicious just Rose-bushes, Tulips,Thorn -bushes and even a few repulsive dog poos.

I wandered through the door and passed my dad,red in the face from unpacking.I crept past  before he had the chance to ask me to help out.

I was upstairs when it happened.I remember a sign on a brass door-knob attached to a mysterious door.The sign read "KEEP OUT" so of course I entered.I couldn't believe the smell

can't remember what happened next.Perhaps I fainted...



Friday, 26 September 2014

Narrative Writting!


Have you ever been tricked lured or ripped off by a real-eastate agent?Well George has read on to find out more...

''Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh,'' a bloodcurdling scream echoed around flat 3B number 13 Dead-meat Place. George looked down,his eyes pranced across the carpet and swept onto his big toe,a large blood-blister had appeared. He glared at the large box that had jumped out of his arms and plonked itself onto his big toe. He was sure that the box was evil.Even though George was a middle aged man he made a fuss about anything and everything.

George was sound asleep when a rustling sound awoke him. He switched on the lamp on the wooden bedside table when heard another rustling noise he jumped and sent the lampshade flying. The sudden brightness sent a beam of illuminating light toward the ragged rug. George swore he saw a set of bright beady eyes. He quickly flicked off his lamp and cowered underneath his comfy duvet. He had no idea that what he just saw was going to have a big impact on his future...

Two weeks passed and it happened again.George had been frightened out of his skin when he saw something squirm underneath the moth-eaten rug,he took a deep breath, grabbed a rickety antique chair and got ready to strike.His bloodshot eyes were fit to explode out of there sockets when he saw a blur of matted fur scurry past him. George leaped into the way of its trail,two red eyes stared up at him.George wasn't sure what was happening, a whirl of overwhelming power  had swept over  him...

It was a bright early Saturday morning when George awoke feeling ravenous. He strolled into the spacious kitchen ,swung open the wooden pantry door and searched for his daily Wheaty Bix.  A groan escaped from his pale pink lips just as he found his cupboard as bare as an Autumn tree.George had been left with no choice but to starve,or go to the local Supermarket.

A few minutes later  George was wandering in the direction he thought the shops were. Sure enough he came across a colossal yellow building with PACK n SPEND painted boldly in black. "I  see that you are new here? Questioned a bony lady with immaculate blond hair flowing down to her waist . George opened his mouth to reply when something very unexpected happened,George's  hand uncoiled from his pocket 'SMACK' George's jaw dropped into an O. He gasped and decided to appologise,it was to late George watched the gorgeous lady strut away heading the other direction.

George was browsing the 'Tinned food & cereal' section when a familiar over-dressed figure dressed in a frilly summer dress approached him. So are you enjoying the house? Inquired Julie the Real Eastate agent who had sold George the house. George felt a burst of anger come to him, it was all her fault he had been frightened out of his life. HER fault uncontrollable power had swept over him. HER fault he now lived in a gloomy house with a haunted rug! Yet she had the nerve to stroll casually up to him and ask how the life she had messed up was going!?  He was about to give her a piece of his mind when it felt as if invisible arms reached out and forced his mouth into a smile!
The invisible arms seemed to be forcing him into saying the opposite of what he intended to say:"The house is lovely Julie thank-you."he lied in a sugary voice,failing to resist the power. Julie grinned "I'm glad to hear that". She replied turning and marching away.

George felt a tingle along his bony spine, he gradually reached out his hand which was drenched in  sweat and 'SLAM'. His hand whacked a small lump rustling around underneath is coat. It scampered further down his spine then pounced out the opening of his coat. George gave a high-pitched squeal, those red eyes he had seen them before...

George twisted and turned "must avoid eyes". He muttered in his sleep. He felt something scuttle over his face and awoke in a sudden jolt. "Where am I, the rat the eyes"... He stuttered. George sat up on his springy mattress he was sure he saw a pair of beady red eyes...  

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Acrostic Poem!

Optimistic learners

Activating knowledge

Keeping on task

Loves to learn

Achieving C.A.R.E certificates

Never gives up

Demonstrating C.A.R.E values

Superb school


Friday, 5 September 2014


The Greedy Cat!

There was once a quite greedy cat who was really terribly fat,for
he ate all his food and then went and pooed,then fell asleep on his mat!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Perspective Art

This is my artwork. Room 11's goal was to create a piece of artwork with water colours using perspective.I think I did well in achieving the goal because I tried to make things closer bigger and far away smaller eg closer = darker,  far away = lighter. I like how I tried using more than one shade of each colour. By Mollyanne!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hagley Park

(Originally written by Gordan Oglive) 

The Deans brothers arrived in Christchurch in 1842, they traveled up the Avon river  in a whaler until the shallow water forced them to row in a Maori canoe.Some people thought that  the Deans brothers made an agreement with William Fox that Hagley park would act as a buffer between their farm and new township.

In 1855 when the new provincial government took up the job of the Canterbury Association,a law was passed which made the land known as  Hagley Park shall be for all time known as a public park,and be open for the recreation and enjoyment of the public.

First Plantings
The first European plants/trees were grown by the Deans brothers. The  oldest remaining tree in Christchurch is a pear tree planted by the Deans in 1846 in Ricarton

Further Developments

In 1873 a Domain board was selected to take care of Hagley Park.Different attempts were made to collect money to run the park,including a nursery for plants for instance Olive,Tobacco,mulberry and Arrowroot and different medicinal plants.

The total width of Hagley Park and  Goverment Domain was recorded as 495 acres in 1895.Just above 9 acres had been given to Christ's collage in 1855 in exchange for land in the Cathedral Square.

Conclusion:Hagley  Park is important to Christchurch as it is our oldest park and people can use it to exercise,play sport,and enjoy their recreation time. BY MOLLYANNE!


Friday, 6 June 2014

100 word challenge

 100 Word Challenge!A crash came from the gateway of the lounge ,my heart leapt into a quick rhythmic beat as I heard an unfamiliar man's voice float out from the lounge."Great now you've done it Gru they're sure to wake up now ."

I was  quietly running  through the open lounge doors. Just not quietly enough...

Great, just great I thought.I'm stuck in a large sack in  a cold black truck.I collapsed into a crumpled heap closing my eyes wishing I was back at home.

I woke up in bed my friend Dog greated me .It must've all been a dream...

By Mollyanne! 
100 word challenge using the words:
cold,black,friend and gateway.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Camp Photos

This is me having fun
 on the bouldering wall!

I loved the campfire because we ate smores!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Anti Cyber Bullying

  On   Friday the twenty-eighth  of March two visitors came to Oaklands School to perform a show about Cyber Bullying.Firstly they shared some information  about what to do if you get into a situation like that.They said some options a bit like this:if you get Cyber bullied tell a parent, caregiver
or a reliable  adult.At the beginning of the show  the two main people weren't very good friends,but it turned out they had both been the unhappy victims of Cyber bullying.In the end they worked together to find a solution to their troublesome problem.Which was talking to the school councilor about it.That was the end of their nasty problem                       

Living Springs Camp

     It started when we arrived at Camp.
Initiatives   tested your active thinking brains.
Teamwork   was overwhelmingly powerful.
Trust in your team-mates was important.
Fun was what it was all about!
Exciting activities awaiting.
Climbing steep hills was exhausting and tiring  
Without a doubt camp was really awesome!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

my awesome art!

"Choose Your Culture Treat It Four Ways"

We are learning about the elements and techniques of painting.
We are able to share our cultural identities through the arts.
I chose the Japanese icon and decided to focus on a famous Japanese icon named the A-bomb dome,known in japan as the "Genbaku dome". I chose it because it is very special to Japan. 
We then learnt about Andy Warhol who brought the "Pop art" style of art to life. In this style he chose popular icons and painted them using different colour mixes.He said the rules of art were made to be broken so his work was very unique when he started doing this.
I learnt about the colour wheel and the different colours on it
Primary colours- Red , Yellow & Blue
Secondary colours- Orange , Green & Purple colours that are made out of two primary colours.
Analogous colours- Three colours that are side by side on the colour wheel.
Monochromatic- Shades of one colour.
We drew a bold design of our icon using a drawing pencil.
we turned it over and traced it onto cartridge paper four times , once in each quadrant.
I choose 
Complementary- Purple & Yellow
Analogous- Orange , Yellow & Peach
Black & White 
Monochromatic- Red , Pink & Purple
I think my painting is multistructural because it includes form , shape & texture.
by Mollyanne!