Friday, 17 October 2014

100 word challenge


Prompt:I couldn't believe the smell

I stumbled out of the car,gagging as I resisted letting my breakfast  come back up.I glanced up at the towering holiday home we were going to stay at ,I immediately  decided to explore.

I started in the garden,nothing suspicious just Rose-bushes, Tulips,Thorn -bushes and even a few repulsive dog poos.

I wandered through the door and passed my dad,red in the face from unpacking.I crept past  before he had the chance to ask me to help out.

I was upstairs when it happened.I remember a sign on a brass door-knob attached to a mysterious door.The sign read "KEEP OUT" so of course I entered.I couldn't believe the smell

can't remember what happened next.Perhaps I fainted...




  1. What an interesting 100 word challenge! I like how you build up the tension in your story, Molly.
    I like how you have used adjectives to describe the door, because it helps to me picture it in my head.
    Could you think of any other ways to start your sentences apart from 'I'.

    Well done and thank you for sharing your writing.

    Hannah Apperley Team 100WC UK

  2. that story is awesome I like when you wrote ''I can't remember what happened next.Perhaps I fainted