Friday, 7 November 2014

My name is Mollyanne, I am ten years old in room 11 at  Oaklands School.

Oaklands School is a large school that educates year 0-8 students. There is about 580 students and 24 classrooms.

Our uniform for the girls is a green polar fleece/jersey made of polyester witch made of recycled milk bottles. Our red shirts are also made of polyester. Both our red shirt and green polar fleece has Oaklands School printed on the left hand side. The girls also wear a pair of green cullots  though track-pants are optional in the winter.

However the boy's uniform is a red shirt, a jersey or polar fleece along with green shorts or track-pants.
The shoes everybody wears is limited to either plain black shoes or sneakers.

Oaklands School has three play-grounds. You can visit them in morning-tea or lunch.
There are three courts one basketball courts and two netball courts. Next to the basketball court there is a music room witch holds most of the school's musical equipment. This would be an ideal meeting place for   Kakano or Karui  assemblies if the school hall was taken but too small for whole school assemblies.

I believe in 50 years time when I am 60 years old classrooms will be much more advanced eg; electronic touch screen white-boards,  robotic teachers, lots of technology and much more!          


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  1. Well done Molly I love your writing. You are totally right Oaklands School is an amazing school.