Monday, 7 September 2015

Writing Prove It- Include Punctuation In My Writing

W.A.L.T: Include punctuation in my writing

This is my entry and exit ticket. 

Here is one of my paragraphs of why the school day should be shorter proving I have improved on my goal, I think that my solo level would be relational because I can make connections between my writing.

I guess you haven't noticed but us children  are soooooo fatigue during there long school hours. Now I figure  you haven't noticed because if you have would've done something. Right? Right!?   Well,let me tell you why the average child (or lazy child ) gets up at ten in the morning! That  was until school. Now we are forced to wake up at seven thirty or, wait for it... EVEN EARLIER! If you are thinking what I'm thinking school should start later and end earlier...

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