Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Division Algorithms- Maths Prove It

Division Algorithms

W.A.L.T: Use multiplicative strategies
I am probably at 'relational' because I was getting better at it but if I practised for a little longer I would be even better. The next step that I need to work on is to be resilient when I get to the difficult questions because I felt like giving up and got a bit distracted.
342 divided by 62 = First I would do how many times 62 goes into 34, but since 62 is bigger than 34 I do 62 into 342. So the answer is...    5 r 32!!! My solo level would probably be extended abstract because I could do them but sometimes needed assistance with the harder questions. My next step would probably be to practice more so I would get even better and not forget how to.
By Mollyanne!

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