Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Writing Evidence- Ideas

Part of my story:

W.A.L.T: Include ideas in my writing 
I heard a wailing siren sound in the distance. Wait a second,what was that strange man doing lying in the middle of the pavement?! As I am quite a curious fly I wandered over to the crime scene, he was still not even twitching. I decided to tickle him, after all who isn't ticklish? Wow, he's good! I thought. He didn't even flinch! Just after I tasered him a few times and was convinced this was just a person that was very tired and decided to have a nap a flashing police car came to an abrupt halt several meters away from me. That's when I noticed the astonished mob of people surrounding me and I realized it mightn't of  looked like I was trying to help him. I felt a bead of sweat trickle down my forehead  and saw one of the stern police man shook their head disapprovingly and cuffed my abnormally long legs behind my back... 
The highlighted bits are where I included scenes eg sound, sight and touch. Since I included several of these throughout my story and not the same ones I think that my solo level would be 'multistuctural'. My next step would probably be to include that amount in each paragraph because I didn't include that many in every paragraph.     

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