Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Short Story- The Cake Frenzy

For this piece of writing I have focusing on my vocabulary and punctuation. I have been learning to:

  • Use a large productive vocabulary across the curriculum (Year 9/10)
  • Use a wide range of punctuation appropriately and with increasing accuracy. (Year 9/10)

A shrill, repetitive alarm rings through my ears. Reaching over, I slam down the snooze button. I sit up, rubbing my bleary eyes and drag a comb through my knotty hair. I'm not normally somebody you would describe as a ‘morning person’. I hear a single knock at my door and without warning my seven year old brother, Bean bounds through the door.
“It's Mum’s birthday!” He says in a singsong voice.
“Yes.” I reply, slinging on my sunglasses that I had scooped off my bedside table.”Yes it is.” I finish dramatically.

“Okie dokie! Assemble the troops! We're baking a cake!”
I all but yell.
Bean obediently ducks out of the room. He emerges through the door seconds later with my four year old younger brother and sister, Kelly and Eliot (twins) slung over each shoulder. They look bewildered, probably because they got ripped out of their beds by their older brother dressed in his Mum’s wedding dress and a beanie with two eye holes cut out, acting on orders from his twelve year old sister currently dressed in an over sized tuxedo and a false mustache plastered above her nose.
“Alrighty, now that we are all…”
I search for the right word.
“Gathered, I'd like to make an important announcement! While Bean was gathering the troops I thoroughly searched the pantry; THERE’S NO CAKE MIXTURE!”
I obviously took the twins by surprise seeing as they had leaped into the air. I chuckle, bemused by their cowardliness.
“While I go to the shop you,”
I say prodding Bean in the chest.
“Mow the lawn.”
I order, despite the fact that Bean had never mowed the lawn before.
“But I…”
He splutters helplessly. I narrow my eyes and he scurries hurriedly away.
“As for you two.”
I say directing my remark at the twins.
“Vacuum the floor.”
Unlike  Bean they happily agreed to do their assigned job, probably so they can attempt to vacuum each other. The twins have always been known as the violent pair at preschool, I'm proud of them. Meanwhile, where is Mum? There she is, the average lazy mother in her natural habitat. I am slightly disgusted  to see her lying in bed with a trail of drool hanging out of her mouth.

It's not long until I'm on the very road of the shop. I pedal a bit further so it's in full view. A large wire fence and cones are surrounding it. Inside the site are some workers and several machines.
“Oh no!”
I groan. I hear a chuckle from one of the men in bright orange overalls, I'm not sure if he was laughing at my outfit or just my cluelessness on the topic. I give him a sharp glare. He stops abruptly, I can be rather intimidating at times if I want to.
I whine as I leap back onto my bike.

“I, am not surprised.”
I admit. Bean lost half his hair from the lawnmower resulting with a bald spot in the center of his head and both the twins managed to lose a sock each from the vacuum cleaner.
“Elliot, Kelly you two make sure Mum doesn't get out her room for the next hour, two hours.”
I hand out jobs to the twins.
“On it!”
They cry in unison. I turn to Bean and mockingly rub my chin.
“Now, what to do with you…”
I utter.
“You can help me with the cake?” I question rather than state. He pulls a face.
“Is that an order?” He asks meekly. I grin and nod my head while he rolls his eyes.

“Happy birthday to you! You’re one hundred and two! You look like a monkey, and you act like one too!” Bean, the twins and I yell rather than sing in unison.  Apparently, according to the twins Mum wasn’t at all hard to keep in bed, in fact, we had to pour a bucket of ice cold water over her to get her up and out of bed! That probably exclaims her dripping hair and damp clothes.  Mum smiles at us fondly and I rip the tea towel of the cake.
“Viola!” I shout triumphantly. “How many slices Mum?”
“Zoe… It’s green!”
She exclaims. I nod excitedly.
“Sorry I’m full from the purple pancakes, speaking of which are you sure that you used food coloring for the purple color? I don't feel so well…”
I shift my glance to Bean, he too has a disgusted look on his green face along with Elliott and Kelly. I sigh. I guess I'll be finishing the cake on my own.

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